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Chassagnes in Ardeche

At the entrance of the camping in Ardèche, you can discover the village of Chassagnes and its history by taking the D104A.
In Ardèche, nature and its rich biodiversity, the space that looks like an open-air playground and the well-established culture fascinate as much as they surprise.
The Ardèche, rich in heritage and curiosities, is one of the best destinations for ecotourism in France. It also contains a few villages of character that are well worth the detour. Among these villages is Chassagnes, renowned for its rich past which has left a legacy of great value.

Where is Chassagnes located?

The picturesque village of Chassagnes is located in the heart of a valley surrounded by mountains and hills in southern Ardèche, in the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region (central south-eastern France). It faces the limestone cliff overhung by the hermitage Saint-Eugène and is bordered by the cultivated plains of Chassezac. Chassagnes is a small medieval village which is part of the commune of Vans and is close to the following villages : Assions, Chambonas, Berrias and Casteljau. It is a fairly sparsely populated town where life is calm and peaceful. It presents itself as the gateway to the plain of the Ardèche and its riches. It has very well preserved old buildings on which time has had almost no effect. Chassagnes has been labeled “Village de caractère” since 1973. Tourist vacations in Ardeche in Camping Chassagne, it’s possible!

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Camping Chassagne

Discover Chassagnes

What to see and do in Chassagnes?

The village of Chassagnes is surrounded by many hiking trails including the paths of the Païolive and Gras woods not far from your Camping Chassagne. It is a cultural stopover that invites you to immerse yourself in the history and the very sources of the occupation of the Ardèche. Take pleasure in strolling through its narrow streets dotted with traditional earth-colored houses and hushed decor. Hospitality and gourmet tables reflecting the sweetness of local products will make you want to extend your stay. Fishing is also a very appreciated activity in Chassagnes. However, do not leave this pretty village without visiting its emblematic site which is none other than the Saint Eugène hermitage, a reproduction of the Byzantine style fresco in the village chapel. Discover also its castle of the 16th and 17th centuries classified as a Historical Monument.

Que voir et faire à Chassagnes

The surroundings of Chassagnes from the campsite

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