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Discover the Ardèche by motorhome

The Ardèche is very well equipped to welcome motorhome drivers and drivers of vans fitted out for the night and allow them to carry out the operations of emptying and restocking. Since the camping Ruoms in Ardeche, you will be ideally located to discover the region and its natural wealth.
The motorhome offers you the freedom to organize your stay in Ardeche as you wish, punctuated by gastronomic stops, nature walks, bike rides or canoe descents.

All you need to know about the Ardèche by motorhome

Vous recherchez une aire camping car Ardèche et partir à la découverte de la région en toute liberté ?
Entre les montagnes ardéchoises, les lacs bordés de forêts, les eaux vives des gorges et les paysages méridionaux, l’Ardèche offre des décors d’une infinie variété.
Les découvrir l’Ardèche en camping-car est une solution idéale, qui permet d’embrasser des paysages diversifiés, et d’effectuer des circuits thématiques de village en village ou de belvédère en belvédère.
Empruntez des routes panoramiques qui surplombent les gorges et faites une halte sur les sites les plus emblématiques de la région !
La D290, route touristique de la réserve naturelle des gorges de l’Ardèche parfaitement prévue pour les camping-cars, est jalonnée de 11 haltes aménagées où il est possible de stationner son véhicule pour profiter du paysage et prendre des photos.
Découvrez tous nos emplacements camping Ardèche.

Ardèche en camping car

Itinéraire Ardèche en camping-car

Five stages are not to be missed during your discovery of the Ardèche by motorhome: must-sees in the Nature Reserve of the Gorges de l’Ardèche, between nature and tradition. :

  • Ruoms : medieval village on the banks of the river Ardèche, Ruoms invites you to stroll in its beautifully preserved historic center and its lively shopping streets. From Ruoms to Largentière, the tourist road called “des Défilés”, dug into the rock during the 19th century, offers a sumptuous panorama of the gorges and their high cliffs.
  • Vallon-Pont-d’Arc : emblematic starting point for canoeing down the Ardèche river, Vallon-Pont-d’Arc is a lively village, prized for its historical heritage and its night markets. Just a few minutes away, the natural arch of the Pont de l’Arc is a must-see site in the Ardèche Gorges reserve.
  • Les Vans : on the banks of the Chassezac, Les Vans is ideally located between the Cévennes and the Ardèche mountains. The village is the starting point for nature hikes and canoe descents on the gorges of the Chassezac.
  • Balazuc : city of character labeled “Most beautiful villages in France”, Balazuc is a medieval village perched overlooking the course of the Ardeche. Its preserved heritage gives it a timeless atmosphere. Its cliff is connected to the scrubland and forests by a famous bridge from which one enjoys a superb view of the gorges.
  • Le Bois de Païolive : a 16 km2 forest area along the Chassezac gorges, near the village of Les Vans, the Bois de Païolive is a protected natural area planted with oaks and strewn with rocks. The source of many legends, it is criss-crossed by hiking trails linking emblematic natural sculptures such as the bear and lion rock, the totem pole, or the bird rock and its nest. 
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