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The Wood of Paiolive in Ardeche

You’ve heard about the Bois de Paiolive in South Ardeche ?
Come and recharge your batteries in a campsite at the foot of the Bois de Paiolive.  In Southern Ardèche, remarkable sites and places of interest abound.
A large number of holidaymakers and tourists rush to this exceptional destination which offers a bewitching nature and curiosities of all kinds. Just like the dizzying gorges of the Ardèche or the Ray Pic waterfalls, the Bois de Païolive, close to the camping Ardèche, enjoys a certain popularity.

Where is the Bois de Païolive?

The Bois de Paiolive is a luxuriant and mysterious oak forest that extends over nearly 16 km² in the extreme south of the Ardèche, at the foot of the Cevennes in the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region. It converges between the communes of Vans de Banne and Berrias-et-Casteljau. For vacations in Ardèche with your family, book now at Camping Bois de Paiolive. Lovers of contemplative walks and lovers of mysteries and legends consider this geological wonder to be a must. This mineral and vegetal chaos will bewitch you thanks to its imposing limestone rocks with astonishing and enigmatic shapes. Its impressive sculptures of jagged blocks are atypical works of erosion and sedimentation caused by the sea that still covered this territory more than 150 million years ago. Together with the white oaks, they form a labyrinth between the faults called the Lapiaz. The local population also calls it the “fados le bois de fée” (fairy wood) and attributes various tales and legends to it.

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Wood of Païolive

What to do at Bois de Païolive ?

By visiting the Bois de Paiolive, take the time to observe everything, all your senses will be awakened to immerse yourself in this universe more alive than you imagine. This place is home to a great diversity of species of birds, insects, amphibians, beetles and mammals.

While walking through the labyrinths with the guide who will tell you some anecdotes about the Bois de Païolive and its fascinating rocks, have fun imagining shapes and characters from the silhouette of its natural sculptures. Among the most popular forms, we can distinguish for example the emblematic rock representing a bear and a lion who seem to be facing each other. The Bois de Païolive has many marked hiking trails such as the Virgin, the “Bouche du Randonneur” (Hiker’s Mouth) or the Corniche. These circuits allow you to discover rocks with surprising shapes from the Camping Bois de Paiolive, but also the rich biodiversity of this area of high heritage value. Another essential activity in the Bois de Paiolive, especially if you don’t have vertigo, is the Via Corda. It is a walk on the ledge perched on a cliff while being connected to the handrail fixed at several places on the cliff. It is a unique and exciting experience that gives you a breathtaking view of the region and the surroundings of the campsite.

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The surroundings of the wood of Païolive

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