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Campsite in Chassagnes

The Ardèche department boasts a rich nature and biodiversity together with a fascinating history and culture. It is one of the most popular eco-tourism destinations in France. The villages with character are worthwhile visiting. One of these villages is Chassagnes, well-known for its rich history and heritage.

Where is Chassagnes?

The scenic village of Chassagnes is situated in the centre of a valley, surrounded by the mountains and the hills of the South Ardèche in the region Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes (south-east center of France).

It faces a limestone cliff with a hermitage and is surrounded by agricultural lowlands. The medieval village of Chassagnes is part of the community of Les Vans which is near the following villages : Assions, Chambonas, Berrias and Casteljau. Les Vans is a small, quiet town which is the gateway to the Ardèche lowlands and its riches. You can discover its well-preserved heritage buildings. Chassagnes is classified “Village with character” since 1973.

It is possible to enjoy your holiday in the Ardèche by staying at a campsite.

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Discover Chassagnes

Things to see and to do in Chassagnes

The village of Chassagnes is surrounded by many hiking routes, for example the paths of the Bois de Païolive and des Gras. It is also a cultural trip which displays the history and the occupation of the Ardèche. Enjoy wandering through the narrow little streets and admire the traditional houses in earthy colouring with refined decor. Hospitality and the restaurants with local food will make you stay longer than you planned to. Another nice activity in Chassagnes is fishing. And a must-do before leaving this beautiful village is to pay a visit to the hermitage Saint Eugène. You will find a reproduction of its byzantine fresco in the chapel of the village. Discover also the 16 and 17th century castle which is classified Historic Monument.

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